Alizarin Crimson

How can I make a better red with these oil paints (possible)?

I made a really nice bright red the day before yesterday and I need more but I can't make it again!
I have this oil paint set:

It includes these colors (in the same order as in the picture):
Lemon Yellow Hue
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
French Ultramarine
Viridian Hue
Light Red
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Umber
Titanium White

Help would be greatly appreciated! :)
Look on google image for better view of the colors. ;]

Sorry KP.illy.,
You can't mix a brighter red than what comes out of the tube. It comes full intensity. 'Better" red is subjective. If you mix a little blue tones it becomes more violet. More yellow and it oranges up your red a little. White lightens your red and balck darkens it and a tiny amount of green softens it.
What you can do is make your red look brighter by putting dark colors around it, and you can make it look more intense red by putting green around it. Dark green around your red will make your red APPEAR brighter and more intense.
To mix the red you did have follow the above mixing suggestions (Yellow makes it more orange, blue = violet and so on. Realize that the color looks different wet than it does when it dries.
Experiment and have fun!


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