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What are the seven steps as conceived by Dr. Angel Ortiz on planning/ development of the curriculum?

Dr. Angel Ortiz is a professor at the University of Puerto Rico. He has written a book in Spanish called Diseno y Evaluacion Curricular ( Curricular Design and Evaluation). According to Dr. Ortiz there are seven steps in the planning and developement of a curriculum.
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It took me a while, but I found it...

los siete elementos didácticos (educando educador, objetivo educativo, contenido educativo, metodología didáctica, recursos didácticos, tiempo y lugar)

In English...

1. Educating the Educator
2. Educative Objectives
3. Educative Content
4. Didactic Methodology
5. Didactic Resourses
6. Time
7. Place

I found it on a software evaluation summary, where they used his principles to evaluate the software.

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