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Catholics What Do You Believe in?Few Questions For You,Please?

Just want to know a lil bit about catholics =] im no atheist bydaway

So Why Should we pray to mary when jesus says to pray to the father in the book of matthew 6,were he says ''art father in heaven''???

And What must a person do to be save?

is my faith alone in christ will get me to heaven??

Why should we confess our sins to a pastor??

Please Be Honest, if theres a site you know that will give me a better understanding please let me know,

Thank YOU

You need to understand that the Bible was compiled in about 350 AD. The Catholic Church had been running for about three hundred years before the Bible. The Catholic Churhc is a TRADTION based church, not a Bible based Church. No Protestant can understand this.

All Protestants believe that Jesus passed out Gideon Bibles and that in 33 AD, everyone went to a public school and could read.

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