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how to improve your hand speed for fighting?

i used to do some amateur boxing a wiles back until i had to put my attention else where, well id like to do some more boxing and maybe even take a transition to MMA. when i see fighters like urijah Faber, in MMA and pretty boy floyd mayweather jr it aws do they get that dang fast? ive heard of the speed bag but how does hitting that little ball hanger back in forth make u faster at punching? im not sayingn it doesn't work but how does it? any exercises or drill's to make your hand speed faster you can tell me? Thank you for your answers much appreciated.

Research how bruce lee did it and the methods he used. You just have to practice a lot though. Using a speed bag will help you punch faster and more accurately, teaching you where to punch before the target is there. Practicing on the speed bag just helps to tighten your arm muscles, teaching them how to move faster. Train often, and train hard.

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