Beautiful Jean

if you answer this i'll give 10 points?

(where is the 1 dollar?)
one day you saw a beautiful jeans worth 97 dollars, you want to buy it but you have no money so you ask your mom to lend you 50 dollars, and also to your dad 50 dollars, so now you have 100 dollars... you went to buy that jeans and have 3 dollars for a change... so you went back to your mom and gave them 1 dollar each.. so 50-1=49 thats is now your total debt to your mom and dad and you have 1 dollar left so 49+49=98 plus the 1 dollar you have so 99.... where is the other 1 dollar?

50-1+50-1=97+1 this is the correct equation
the way u calculated isnt right

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