Blue Jellyfishs

Are Biorb aquarium's sutiable for a couple of common blue jellyfish?

If i bought a biorb along with the marine conversion kit would it then be suitiable for a couple of small jelly fish? I ask this because at their jellyfish tank is a biorb.
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***EDIT-to Sue, i have not bought it yet, was just wandering***
Is there the same problems with the Biube?

The simple answer is no. They would die in a Biorb.

Jellyfish must be kept in special aquariums called kreisels that are designed to keep the jellyfish suspended in the middle. Water flows in as "sheets" that form a circular current to prevent their delicate bodies from bumping into the sides or sinking to the bottom. Because they are reliant on currents in the ocean, this must be replicated in the aquarium. Most of them will also require chillers to keep the water at the proper temperature. In addition, jellyfish require feeding throughout the day and large brine shrimp hatcheries to supply them with a constant source of food. Some jellyfish have a symbiotic relationship with algae, and need special lighting for photosynthesis. The most commonly kept jellyfish (for now) are moon jellies, which can get to 12 inches or more in diameter.

That's not to say it is impossible. Midwater Systems has created what is essentially a kreisel for the consumer. The "JelliQuarium" is a tank designed to allow jellyfish to be kept in the home or (they claim) office. They have regular freestanding models as well as a model that mounts into a wall. The cheapest is the "Mini-JelliQuarium", which is $2777. Their site is below.

The Biube would be worse, because the jellies would get pushed into the corners and not be able to get out. Or they'd just be sucked into the filter and come apart. Remember that jellyfish are drifters, meant to flow with the current and not swim against it. Unless you buy one of those Jelliquariums or get some other kind of kreisel, you won't be able to keep them. Many kinds are difficult to keep even in a proper setup, so it would be literally impossible to do so without one.

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