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Mold growing on dishes in cabinet?

I bought a set of earthenware dishes. First we noticed black sooty rings on the bottom unglazed ring that would leave sooty residue on the plate below when stacked. Happened occasionally and we just wiped off and didn't think too much of it. After a while we finally figured out it was mold. Should I return this dishes (I love them!)? or do I just need to keep a dryer environment and always use the heat dry on my dishwasher and all will be okay. How do I find out if the mold is dangerous or toxic?

There is probably moisture and dampness in your cupboard. We had this problem when we moved into our most recent house. It was awful one day when I went to pull something out and it was covered. I completely emptied out the the cupboard and opened the doors with dehumidifier close by for several hours. It helped.
Good Luck!

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