Burmese Sitting

Do you think this cat is a stray?

There's this neighborhood cat. It looks like a Burmese, which would explain why it's so friendly. It does have a collar. Yesterday my cat met it for the first time, and there was alot of hissing from my cat, she didn't like the Burmese. But the Burmese just backed away each time.

The Burmese sits outside our house alot; so today I gave her some wet kitten food, and she ate it up pretty quickly...similar to strays that I've fed before.

Do you think it's a stray? It's a very friendly cat, constantly rubbing me. So you'd think it was raised by people; but damn that was one hungry cat. At the same time it has a collar, and is a Burmese...not exactly a cheap cat to buy. But it's coat appeared to be in tangles and I noticed alot of shedding hair....

Do you think it's a stray or someone's pet?

It's probably someones pet that got lost. I suggest putting up posters for that cat.

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