Cat Chameleon

im thinking of getting a pet .............?

but i dont know what kind can you please name some ideoas...
**i cant get a dog cat chameleon and big birds

don't get two male bettas, if you do and they can see each other, they get too excited and can die from teh shock. you could get a small glass aquarium (2.5 or 5 gallons) that fits on your desk. i suggest platys, guppies, goldfish, or tetras.

i had guine pigs, they're nice but they like to go hide under things more than sit in your lap and be loved. they're cute dumb little mammels.

hampsters, gerbils, and mice can be nice pets, but they're small rodents and rather impersonable. also cute dumb mammels

rabbits are adorable and as long as you handle them a lot and get them used to people are very nice pets. i suggest keeping them outside though, they have a scent (like any other animal) and you have to clean their cages often. they can also live a long time (i've had rabbits that lived over at least 8 years)

if you can't have big birds you can either get a parakeet (aka, budgies) or two (you can trian them to say simple words and to sit on your finger or shoulder) or finches (can be pretty, but you can't play with them).

chinchillas and ferrets live much longer than small rodents, and aren't suggested for children, because they have very specific needs and live a long time.

fancy rats right now are my favorite small pet. they're rodents, yes, but they're pretty smart and pretty entertaining. they bond with you but love to play and explore. they're also easy to clean up after and don't ask a lot.

depending on if its legal in your state, you could get a gecko or a turtle or some other fun little lizard.

what ever you do, make sure you do research first!

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