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Attitude check for interview tomorrow?

I have an interview for a student's job in a café.

I have had the jobs without interview before ( if you aren't retarded or handicapped they hire you on the spot) and this is my first proper interview.

I think that dressing yourself with clean neutral clothes, being ''fresh out of the shower'' and talking politely should be okay.

Is it me or starting to create yourself an awesome personality and starting to over-sell yourself isn't good... the guy is not stupid, he will see the ',real you'' once your employed, so why liying?

this is all about being in the adult world, yes of course how you present your self is important but I would imagine that they are also looking for what sort of personality you have..............being a misery is not good business sense when you are dealing with the public, they often ask you what if questions to see what you would do should certain situations arise..........

Every job has at least one interview these days, it is up to you to show your best side and then if / once you get the job both you and he can see if the job is the right "fit" for you.

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