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How do you tell your husband that he just doesnt satisfy you sexually anymore?

I love him to feath and we are both very young. We have a child together and she is about 19 months old. I just dont feel "it" with him anymore. And then when I do give into his pleas, I am never satisfied...which leaves me feeling used and just awful. SO to avoid that feeling, we just go on about our daily things, cuddle, sleep together...but nothing ever sexual. I dont know what to do.

A healthy sex life is very important. Many couples after having children lose their desire to have sex. It sounds like it isn;t a love issue but more of a dirty feeling. You have guilt or anxiety and that is what is making you have sex, not desire. If you desire it all those bad feelings go away. It becomes something you want and after wards, when you are satisfied you are content. So how do you get satisfied? What changes can occur so you enjoy it again?

Do you have an orgasm each time? Does he take the time to ensure you are satisfied? Maybe toys would help? Reading erotica first and lighting candles to set the mood will help. You have to feel sexy first. Buy some lingerie and play soft music. The first time maybe just make out. Build up the excitement over a few days. Tell him what to do to please you. You need open communication.

If he satisfies you the problem will be over.

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