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Jacob the Jeweler’s Timepieces Are The Most Dynamic and Innovative

In the world of fine timepieces, Jacob Arabov stands out as one of the most dynamic and innovative. The pioneering spirit that made founder, Jacob Arabov, the jeweler of choice for the world’s most famous personalities, and enabled him to revolutionize the jewelry industry, is evident in every one of the brand’s exceptional timepieces. With the introduction of his Five Time Zone collection in 2002, Jacob launched his signature style that is now recognized around the world. A unique combination of state-of-the-art multiple time zone technology and bold primary colors, the timepiece was inspired by the fast-paced, international lifestyles of his jet-set clients. And it quickly became a favorite of celebrities such as David Beckham, Bono, Justin Timberlake, Sean Combs and Karl Lagerfeld.

As Jacob & Co. delved into more sophisticated movements with the Angel, Two Time Zone model and a new Automatic Chronograph, these timepieces which signaled the company’s move into more sophisticated movements. With its sporty and stylish aesthetic, it proved to have an audience with both men and women and would contribute to a rapid global expansion of the business. At the same time, the traditional Five Time Zone range was expanded with softer pastel colors and diamonds accents.

One of the most creative extensions of the line was The World Is Yours model. Using colored diamonds and different materials to form the world’s continents and oceans, Jacob the Jeweler Arabov is able to offer clients endless design combinations. The timepiece was awarded “Best Travel Watch” by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Jacob’s commitment to perfection and passion for innovation would lead to a series of “world-firsts” for the company. Beginning in 2005 he launched the H-24 Five Time Zone Automatic and the World GMT which both united Jacob & Co.’s multi-time zone features with a new automatic movement.

These two breakthrough models offer time indication in either 5 or 32 additional global destinations with the use of a single movement. Both are available in limited editions in a variety of metals including platinum, white, yellow and rose gold as well as stainless steel.

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