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Burn between boobs.... HELP?

Ok so I do fire twirling, fire eating n fire breathing, iv been doing it for 6 yrs n I'm 16 :) About 6 weeks ago I dropped flaming cerosene into my top during a performing gig... It was burning me but I was performing so cldnt stop... I wAshes it later n put burn cream on it but because I have big boobs (10E-10F) it couldn't heel n kept getting worse.... No the skin has torn n there is two wholes in my chest (a few mm each :/ I'm going to doctor tomorrow n mum thinks they'll do a skin graft... Cause the skin is so week... What u think? What's involved with a skin graft etc...... I'm really really scared :'( PLS HELP ME!!!!?!

"Can't touch this!" .... < musical notation > Brow bow bow bow, bow bow, brow bow. < music in the background > "Cant touch this!" LOL, good luck.

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