Dump Paper

Do liberals know why their beloved Sunday edition of The NY Times grows thicker and heaver?

In case you don't here is why :

The story begins when Nancy Pelosi passed alternative fuel credits. As it turns out a byproduct of the process of production of paper called "black liquor" qualifies as alternative fuel, and paper producers use it to power their plants instead of oil.

Tax credits for burning the "black liquor" turn out to be sufficient to cover all cost of producing paper, thus paper industry can dump paper for pennies, because alternative fuels law made paper THE BYPRODUCT and tax credits became the real product, form the point of view of the bottom-line.

The more forest trees you cut, and more paper you produce, and dump the paper at any price, the more money you make.

Bottom line:
Taxpayers pay billions of dollars
to encourage more deforestation.

Wildlife thanks you, environmentalists, for destroying their habitat. Continue to enjoy your 3 lb heavy The New York Times.

Only sociopaths would use an environmental scare against their own citizens for fun and profit.

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