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What hair style to do for my costume?

So.... This Halloween I am going trick-or-treating with my best friend Josh and maybe my friend Naeem. I am going as a colonial girl, Josh is going as Richard Nixon, and Naeem still doesn't know what he is going to be. I am wearing a soft pink overgown that has faint flower stitching, and a brown skirt and top underneath. I need to find a hair style that will look good with my costume. I have reddish-brown-gold-blond hair (It's seriously that many colors!) that reaches about an inch below my shoulders, and I have side bangs. It's kinda wavy/straight, and on the underside I have a few of what I refer to as corkscrew curls. For some reason, my hair will not curl, even though that's what I want to do..... Any ideas?

do a messy-bun updo, it'll match with the whole colonial thing without overdoing it .

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