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How do I get information about a collectible?

I have searched the web and got nothing. I am trying to find some kind of guide or history for the Hofbauer crystal company. I'd like to know when they made certain pieces and possibly how much they are worth. PLEASE HELP....
Hofbauer is now out of business ( not sure of when this happened). I am looking for how rare certain items may be as opposed to actual value. Their Byrde collection is most popular but, i have pieces in red and blue. I think the blue is more rare but not sure. Was also wondering how rare certain pieces are (exp. baskets and bells are not rare). Any extra help would be fantastic. Thank you.

Wow! A glass question to which I don't have much of an answer.

As far as I know, Hofbauer is still in production, and they still make many of the same pieces with which they started the company. But it is imperitive that the flash all be intact, this often washes or wears away, so pristine pieces are a collectors dream.

Their pieces have, for the most part, always been high end and some do realise a great deal on the secondary market.

If all you're interested in is a sales value, I would suggest an advanced search for ended Hofbauer on ebay. This will give you a general idea of what they are selling for in today's market. For a book or insurance value, which is often much higher than ebay sales figures, I'm afraid I have no answer. http://replacementslimited.com/ may provide something closer to a "book" value, their prices are a little steep on some things, but are close to what things would book for on the secondary market.

I'll do a bit of poking around and see what I can find. If I find something that might help, I'll update my post.

Even in searching every outlet I know of for glassware, I could find nothing on its closing. Many German companies closed last year, including Goebel, so perhaps they were amongst them and the various sites have not yet updated their information.

You are correct that the blue pieces are more rare. The flash pieces in general are somewhat more rare.

As far as the individual pieces, I can't offer much insight. Larger pieces, particularly those with covers, seem to be more rare. Many thought of this as decorative only, so with no practical purpose, the larger pieces were acquired less often. Most received these as wedding or anniversary gifts, in my experience, there were few die hard collectors.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more assistance and I wish you luck in finding the information you seek. If they have gone out of business, which wouldn't surprise me, I'm sure it won't take long for someone to publish a book on its collectibility.

So many of the great glass companies have gone out of business in the last few years, even Fenton barely avoided closure. In my opinion that's such a loss, we may never see the likes of these companies again.

You might check your telephone directory for a collectors society or local shows, there's sure to be someone in these venues with the knowledge you seek and I lack.

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