Floral Fantasy

How can I make a summary of a book about flowers?

For my assignment i need to draw and design an art book cover ( a front page with the title, drawings etc. and a back page with a summary) so my idea is flowers and the title is " Floral Fantasy" but its just a title...so my friend came up with the idea of a young girl who has all the powers of the flower like to grow and die, and for her an hour is like year she can only live 2 days or something... what do u think of this idea?? and how could i write it for my summary?? any help would be wanted ... thanks sooooo much!!

It wouldn't be too bad, but you need more of a plot than that--if she only lived two days, what would she do? Anyway, flowers live more than two days if they are in the ground. And flowers do not have "powers" except that some are medicinal and others poisonous.

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