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Where can I sell an antique 1920s or 1930s white gold art deco art nouveau ring in NYC for cash?

I have a ring that I found that I want to sell in New York City for cash. I would like to get the most money possible. I know it is white gold, antique, has blue and white precious stones that I assume are diamonds, and possibly sapphires. I was told it is from the 1920's or 1930's and according to my research it is art deco or art nouveau. Does anyone know of any places, maybe antique jewelry shops that would give me a decent amount for it in new york city or surrounding borroughs?

You can sell it to Fabrikant Fine Diamonds located at 5th Avenue in New York City. Andrew, the owner there has an eye for creativity and gives due credit to antique pieces and jewelry. You can know more about them at

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