Golden Pond

Any info on the Asian Golden Pond turtle? Are many Asian turtle species being eaten faster than we identify?

I just purchased a baby Asian Golden Pond turtle from a reputable private local breeder for a pet for my daughter. They have many species of turtles and tortoises, but told me the Asians are more rare and that many are being sold and eaten in the Asian markets faster than we can even identify them. Basically he said they believe that eating turtles extends your life and that many species are becoming rare because of it.
Anyone else raising these?

I have Chinese Box turtles, Cuora flavomarginata.
Most asian turtles are rapidly disappearing from the wild.
North American turtles are next, as Chinese are paying exporters premium prices for them, as well as other wildlife.
The Chinese have consumed most of their natural resources; they are coming after ours next!

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