Huge Ocean

How the weather would be if the Earth had no continents and it was one single huge ocean?

I would like to know if a planet like Earth was completely covered by water, how the weather would be.

Well, it would be very warm and very, very stormy. If the planet is close enough to its sun that the water's temperature reaches the boiling point, the water will become supercritical and lack a well-defined surface. Even on cooler water-dominated planets, the atmosphere can be much thicker than that of Earth, and composed largely of water vapor, producing a very strong greenhouse effect (water vapour is a potent greenhouse gas). Now, the words "warm water" and "greenhouse effect" conjur up images of whaaaat?..... that's right, hurricanes.
How the exact weather dynamics of this theoretical planet would behave are very difficult to predict -- we can't what the weather will be like in a week on our own planet.

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