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How much care, effort and time do you put into decorating your Christmas tree?

Do you have a special approach? Are you extremely precise (re: anal) about how the ornaments are hung? Or do you just throw caution to the wind and let the ornaments hang where they may?

God is going to get you for this question.

Ok I admit it....I'm anal! lol Alright...I admitted it to the world!!

My dad is very much the artist. He taught me how to have an eye for art. He taught me how to have an eye for photography. He taught me about symmetry and he taught me how to decorate a Christmas tree. *sticks tongue out*

So decorating a tree is a very precise art in my house. I literally place (not put.....but place--how anal is that??? lol) an ornament on a limb and then step back to see how it looks. If it's wrong...... well it's removed. I actually have my ornaments divided into "tiers." (You're dying laughing right now aren't you? I sense it.... I sooooo sense it.) I have those ornaments that go on the bottom of the tree......those that go in the middle... and those that are small and delicate and go on the small thin limbs at the top. I also have the heavy large ornaments that must go "inside the tree" where the larger limbs are that can hold them. Ok needless to say...... my children hate me. They used to want to decorate the tree when they were young and I was that horrid person that I so hate that would say..... "Oh no, honey..... you should put that here!" and then remove her ornament and place it elsewhere. I soon realized that I was totally and completely alienating my family. (Ok...... at last I recognize my horrid so now we get TWO trees. One that the girls decorate however they want..... and one for mom to make into her work of art. Life at my house during Christmas time has been much better since we came up with this plan. lol

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