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Ideas for Girl Tumblr URL?

I need a new tumblr URL! I have no idea what it should be. heres some words that i would like it to reflect upon
sun kissed
~stuff like that

Here are some URL suggestions (based off of your chosen words):

*1.) pink-leopard(.)tumblr(.)com

**2.) bikini-cupcake(.)tumblr(.)com

3.) sun-kissed-cheetah(.)tumblr(.)com

***4.) lush-leopard(.)tumblr(.)com

****5.) sun-kissed-cupcake(.)tumblr(.)com

*****6.) pink-glitter(.)tumblr(.)com

*reminds me of pink floyd & def leppard, haha.

**it sounds cool when you say it aloud, and it's a fun and cute url.

***again, it sounds cool when you say it aloud, and I just imagined a glamorous looking leopard, so pretty girly url idea indeed, haha.

****it's cute, simple, and of course, girly sounding. :)

*****this url to me sounds the girliest, since it involves two things many girls love: the color pink, and glitter.

Hope you consider some of the urls I listed above, I've put a link below for some good Tumblr url generators. :) )

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