Long Time

Why does it take a long time for Publishing Houses to get ones work published?

I heard that it often takes a long time for ones work to be published. Can you please tell me why it takes publishers so much time to publish ones work? How long does it sometimes take, six months, a year or two years? Thanks.

Usually it's because the book you've written isn't good enough, so they refuse to publish it. Then you write another one, learning from your mistakes, and try to get that published.

When you eventually write something that's good enough to be published, the publisher usually publishes a fixed number of books each year. You have to wait until a slot becomes available. They have to edit the book, design the cover, work out the marketing campaign, reserve space for advertising... all while doing these things for all the other books that they're publishing. All this takes time. Be patient.

I'm not sure how long it takes, but I think a year is typical. That's the time from the publisher offering to publish your book to it being available in the shops. If it sells reasonably well, another three months to six months will pass before you receive any royalties.

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