Mable Glass

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Millefiori Murano glass vases just for you

Did you ever wonder why we love Murano glass vases so much? Is it because of incomparable beauty, the reflected light in thousands of colors, the history that each piece contains, or the art and skill that was necessary to produce each unique piece? Collectors will go to the end of the world to find that one vase missing from their collection, decorators will spend fortune to have just the right color and form which would make the room 'just right'.

Murano glass vases are coveted art pieces and home decorative elements that are suited for any decorating style, and any taste. The Murano artists have adapted to fashions and style changes through centuries, and today one can find precious antique Murano glass vase in galleries, or at auctions. One can also find more modern take on classical Murano glass vases, produced by new, young Murano artists, adapted to contemporary style.

Although Murano glass vase changed in style and form through centuries, the techniques used to produce them are the same today as they were centuries ago. There are several ancient techniques that are prominent in contemporary Murano glass vases:

Millefiori Murano glass vases

Milleriori, or 'thousand flowers' is by far the most popular technique for making contemporary Murano glass vases. Glass canes of different colors are fused together while hot, and once cooled, they are cut into cross sections which contain design resembling colorful flowers. Some of the millefiori murano vases are highly colorful and can be bit gaudy, but some artists imbed just a few 'flowers' into a clear blown glass vase to create beautiful, simple pieces or art that would fit into any home. This glass making technique was first used in Egypt in the third century B.C.

Sommerso vases

The term "Sommerso" means submerged in Italian and it partially explains the technique. This technique was invented in Murano in 1930's and is achieved by dipping (submerging) a glass object into molten glass of different colors. The process is repeated using different color until the desired effect is achieved. The produced vase shows all underlying colored glass to the extent the artist's vision wants and the possibilities for variations are endless. Some of the most beautiful contemporary Murano glass vases available today are produced using this technique.

Ghiaccio vases

The term comes from the Italian word 'ghiaccio' which means ice. This technique became very popular in the 16th century. The effect of cracked ice is achieved by immersing still hot already formed glass object in cold water. The cracks that appear are then covered with another layer of melted glass. Murano glass vase created by using this technique appear fragile and old and are formed in many different shapes, from those popular in old times, to simple forms desired by glass lovers of today.

Whatever kind of Murano glass vase we like, the biggest problem is choosing only one. But, if we cannot decide which style of Murano glass vase is our favorite, we can always use that one first Murano vase as the beginning of a collection. After all, one can never have too many Murano glass vases.

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