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How do I beat a pally with a Death knight?

I'm a 80 death knight in echo isles and my best friend is a pally.. the first time we dueld at 62 he straight owned me..... then we redueled at 75 and he promised not to bubble or heal and i OWNED HIM.....just river danced on his face....
but now hes mad and when we reduel hes gonna bubble and lay and heal...
How the heck do i beat that?!
my rotation is icy touch --> plauge strike --> heart strike --> Death Strike--> pvp trinket (he stuns early) --> hysteria -->trinkets -->Icebound Fortatude --> Strangulate --> anti-magic bubble --> Summon goul --> Death pact --> Heart stike --> death strike.....

He pulled 2.6k on gun'drak at lvl 76..... hes the best palidan i know....
trying to kill a pally is like trying to kill 3 tanks.... 1st = reg health 2nd =bubble heal 3rd=lay on hands....
can someone give me some tips on killing him on the first step?
thats would be the best :)

Ok, the tactics are as follows:

If you are taking down Paladin on 10 man, then your group composition should be three healers (ideally two priests and a resto druid), a main tank and an off tank, three ranged DPS, and two melee DPS (warriors are preferred due to their added survivability).

Have your tank engage him alone, and let him build up a three stacks of Sunder Armor before the DPS engage.

In his first phase, Paladin will open up with a Judgement that increases the power of his attacks against the tank, and a nasty AOE called Consecration. Keep your healers back, with the two priests healing the tank and the druid keeping the melee DPS up with some HoT's.

Bear in mind that Paladin will periodically target a random party member and cast Hammer of Righteousness, stunning that party member for 5 seconds, and during this time the healers will need to overheal the affected player in case he dies of boredom.

When Paladin gets to about 50%, he will enter his second phase. During this time he will constantly keep casting Flash of Light on himself, which cannot be interrupted unless God himself comes down from Heaven to help you out.

In between heals, Paladin will keep applying a judgement every 8 seconds or so, which will do serious damage to your tank. It is highly likely that you will have lost one or more of your melee DPS due to the AOE and general disinterest.

This part of the fight is really a DPS race. You need to bring Paladins health down to a level low enough to force him into phase three. If you have a hunter in your group, he will need to use Viper Sting to drain mana away and quickly prevent healing.

As Paladin reaches about 10% health, he will enter phase three. At this point, your tank will be very tired and low on health, so switch in the OT, and let the MT go away and do something more interesting, like dailies.

Upon entering phase three, Paladin will cast Divine Shield, or Divine Protection, or one of his other multitude of invincibility spells. He will repeatedly heal himself until he is back at 100% health, while simultaneously emoting /lol or /facepalm or /mock.

This is the critical point in the fight, as it is at this point most of the raid will want to log off, or level up their warlock or something. Most decent 10 man raids can realistically expect to lose three players at this point, so with the MT now Blowing Hodirs Horn, and your DPS distracted by their own hands, you will be down to roughly five players. If you still have a healer, it is simply a question of keeping the tank up until the DPS can take Paladin down, if anyone can still be bothered.

Half an hour later, Paladin will reach zero and your raid can /cheer, /sigh or just cancel their account.

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