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Maine Car Insurance Quotes: Investing For Security

On average the car owners in Maine pay around $ 1049 for insurance which is significantly less than the average auto insurance rate in U. S. as a whole. On average U. S. automobile owners pay $ 1440 every year for auto insurance. Here are the average car insurance rates for some of the cities in Maine

• Sanford: residents in Sanford pay around $ 1300 per year. This rate is approximately 30 % higher than the overall average car insurance rate for Maine.

• Brunswick: here people pay around $ 1027 per year, on average, for auto insurance. This is only slightly above the average auto insurance rate in Maine.

• Auburn: auburn is the most expensive when it comes to auto insurance. People pay around $ 1990 per year for car insurance which is 95 % higher than the average car insurance rate in Maine.

• Bangor: people in Bangor pay $ 1170 every year which would be around 14 % the average car insurance rate in Maine.

• Saco: for the areas mentioned above, one actually wonders how come the mean is so small that almost every city has higher rates. In Saco, people pay only $ 887 per year for auto insurance. This amount is 14 % lower than the overall average for auto insurance in Maine.

It is a very good idea to compare Maine car insurance quotes before you plunge into the first deal you find. Using a simple search engine you can compare the rates and select the most suitable insurance plan for your car. But apart from the company rates, Maine car insurance quotes are determined by a number of factors like

Marital status married people are less likely to engage in traffic violations. Also research demonstrates that they are more careful drivers and hence are less likely to engage in accidents.

Age research studies on the subject show that young people are more likely to display careless behaviors while driving. Insurance companies are not very fond of young drivers for this reason.

Vehicle age: if a car is not so old, lesser money would be required to cover the loss. It is not easy to get a very old, very vulnerable car to get insured in low car insurance quotes.

Protective devices: If you have installed automated seat belts, air bags, and theft locks in your car, you are likely to hunt the perfect Maine car insurance quotes without having to pay so much because your car would not be vulnerable to accidents or theft.

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