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What is this bump in my armpit?

I have this huge bump in my armpit. Its pretty red and it hurts when i apply pressure. It was never there before, i just kind of looked over and saw it. Its pretty huge though, I would say like marble huge, but sticking out about a half inch. I'm really freaking out. My grandmother had breast cancer and stuff, so i really dont know what it is.? How do I get rid of it?

If it's red and it hurts, It could be a boil (infection) from an ingrown hair. I would try applying moist heat (a wet hot face cloth) to draw the infection out. If you have "Ichthammol Ointment" (a black drawing solve), put it on the lump at night and cover it with a gauze so it will draw out the infection. If after applying heat as often as you can and applying the drawing solve for 3 days, it doesn't come to a white head, then see a doctor, it might be a cyst, but cysts don't hurt..

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