Montreal Expos

is it just me or did the execs at major league baseball sabotage the montreal expos?

for what they or doing in washington, they should have stayed in montreal. does anyone agree?

Expos ownership, either deliberately (certainly in the last case) or through overwhelming incompetence and witlessness, botched just about every possible viable business-side move they could for years... to the point where MLB got intimately involved, worked out an endgame plan, and just kept the Expos circling the drain until it looked bad enough to make the relo to Washington appear as a final resort.

It did not have to be that way. Montreal was and is a viable market, but a reluctant one. Baseball has to be marketed, and no one really tried, particularly after the 1994 season and an impressively great Expos team got upended. (That team was REALLY good. Consider, played to completion, the 1994 championship might have been the third straight in Canada.)

It's true that the Expos did not have a rich and compelling history, Montreal was not an ideal market (but was far from being a bad one), and I don't have issue with moving a team. But that entire episode was gamed. When Selig arranged matters for Loria to buy the team, that was the killing stroke; it was all over but the details. MLB had turned its back on Montreal; it wanted out, and got it.

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