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Endangered Species of Animals, Save Them

Endangered species of animals are those animals which are at a high risk of extinction in the future. The major causes of these animals in danger are destruction of their natural habitat i.e. forests, population explosion, global warming, pollution, shortage of food and hunting. The process of extinction is when all the species die. There has been mass extinction of animals as well.

You can get detailed information about
endangered animals
from different websites which would provide a list of endangered as well as extinct animals. The animals that are at a high risk of being extinct in the future include Tiger, Green Sea Turtle, and Snow leopard, Blue Whale, Philippine Eagle, Giant Panda and Asian Elephant.

Some useful tips which will help to save these species of animals from being
extinct animals
are described below:

• Protect the natural habitat of animals and declare these areas as national park or reserves and protect them. Undertake special efforts which will help you to conserve animals from being extinct.

• Research and collect information about the extinction of animals and also create awareness of the serious problem of extinction of animals. Undertake visits to national parks which will help you to inform people about the seriousness of the problem and its adverse effect on the food chain.

• Plant more trees and stop cutting of trees.

• Provide donations or voluntarily contribute towards the activities undertaken for the conservation of animals. Undertake simple steps which can undertaken in routine activities which would help in saving these animals for instance purchasing goods which are not made of fur or skin of animals.

• Undertake steps to restore the habitat for the animals. You can opt for joining organization which is working for the cause of saving animals.

• You should participate in the activities such as donation camps, poster completions, prepare pamphlets and which will help you to protect these animals and birds.

• You can also help in rescuing the
and work in various research projects which will help in conservation of animals.

• You have to follow the rules and regulations which have been implemented for the saving these animals.

The details mentioned above will help you to protect the endangered animals. It will also provide you details about saving the endangered animals.

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