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Do you think the video game Duke Nukem Forever should be banned?

ok well the reason i ask is that im kinda 50/50 on it, well first of all it does discrimanate women and has violent acts towards women, in the game (didnt play heard about it on tv) the game would beat women (hit them), smack strippers on the but, and it would show nude strippers uncensored, so yeah i would want it to be banned cause of that but on the other hand its just a video game, but kids may play and not know the diffrence...........................sorry kinda long but kinda wanted to explain

so what do you think?

with a pen you can draw a women having her head chopped off, does that mean we should ban pens? just because you 'can' do something in a game doesn't mean you are forced or encouraged too.

and the solution to bad speech is more speech not less.

kids may watch pornogarphy, kids may get their hands on a gun, kids may find booze or cigerates, does that mean we should blanketly ban these things simply out of the fear that "kids could get it" instead of complaining about the possibility of kids playing this 'bad game' how about you complain about the parents that let their kids play these 'bad games'?

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