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North-Eastern Wildlife Corridors of India First Time Captured by Tigers

New Year 2012 brought a best surprise for the team of wildlife monitors close to the north-eastern Kaziranga tiger reserve of India, as a tigers were captured for first time using one of most wildlife corridor, which is situate south side of the famous Kaziranga national park.

These corridors are very useful to the Kaziranga tiger reserve during the monsoon season because in the monsoon much more chance of the flood. So these corridors use to the save wildlife of Kaziranga. There is camera tarps set up by the Kaziranga Karbi Anglong Conservation Programme for caught the tigers and other wildlife (inform caught and caught in the disease condition). There are tourism and communities activities already heavily but would be growth activities of the tourism and communities in the Kaziranga national park said director of Kaziranga tiger reserve.

WWF has led of the wildlife discoveries since 2055 in India and WWF team support this vital wildlife corridor. WWF team will be the work with Kaziranga national park department because this teams more improvement in these corridors and India’s wildlife added by a member of WWF team.

The Karbi Anglong- Kaziranga landscape, in far north-eastern Assam state of India, is one of twelve main concern landscape in which team of the WWF focuses its tigers and endangered wildlife conservation effort. World’s highest density of the Royal Bengal tigers is living in the Kaziranga tiger reserve. During the monsoon season and floods animals migrates from Kaziranga tiger reserve to Karbi-Anglong hill. There is major four corridors, which are Panbari, Kanchanjuri, Amguri and Haldibari.

Wildlife in India

India is well known not only for its magnificence but one more reason of India’s popularity in the globe, which is
Wildlife in India
. India is taking top stage in the wildlife so every year many millions tourists, businessmen, photographers and nature lovers come to the India. There many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks established in the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Endangered species are like Asiatic lions, Sumer elephants, one horned rhino, Black Panther, tigers, wild boar, barking deer, snow leopard etc. you can normally see and photos also captured with enjoy the elephant safari in this beautiful land.

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