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Chinese or Oriental ceramic figural pillows?

I've been researching a pair of ceramic/ porcelain figural pillows that I inherited. They are in the image of children or babies crouching with their arms crossed, they have beautiful bright colors on them and are very detailed with openings in their ears and mouths. At first I thought they were a kind of piano doll but have since learned that they are pillows. I know I've seen this type of ceramic someplace but can't place where. Any help or information would be appreciated.

Ceramic (porcelain) pillows in China were popular for over a thousand years into the early 20th century, until they went to cushions for pillows like everyone else. They were also common funerary gifts given for the afterlife. Age depends on whether they were bought new or were already old. Usage of crouching people, children or animals were popular subjects. Beautifully-executed examples are frequently seen in museums with large oriental porcelain collections.



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