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30 unusual uses for tape and low tack tape.

Low-tack protection tapes and regular tape can be used in many different ways. Use them for the following reasons:


1. Removing lint or hairs from clothing. Wrap tape around your hand, sticky-side out, and pass it over your clothing.

2. Removing dust from keyboards.

3. Removing dust from blinds.

4. Removing crumbs from furniture or clothing. Crumbs will easily stick to tape.

5. Removing cobwebs from ceilings. Attach tape sticky-side out to a pipe or broom handle and remove out-of-reach cobwebs without having to balance on furniture.

6. Remove lipstick from silk. A simple stick and pull will remove the offensive mark in seconds.

7. Clean your nail file. Simply stick and remove to remove dust.

8. Remove animal hairs. Use the technique from 1 to remove pet hair from clothes, upholstery and carpets.

9. Catch flies.Just hang a piece of tape from the ceiling.

10. Protect shelving. Use taped protective film to keep shelving and cupboards clean.


1. Protecting glass. Protective tapes and protective films are ideal for protecting glass or mirrors when painting, varnishing, glossing or waxing. Simply tape the glass or mirror along its edges on a mirror, picture frame or window, and paint away safe in the knowledge the protective film with guard against splashes.

2. Protecting skirting boards. Protective tape can be attached to skirting boards to shield from splashes. Use a low-tack tape to avoid removing its wood coating.

3. Protecting fixtures and fittings. Use around switches, door handles and plugs to protect them when using a paint roller. Remove the tape and switch to a smaller brush to complete this more detailed work.

4. Holding glue in place. If gluing a broken mug for example, use protective tape to hold it in place until it dries.

5. Holding glass in place. Hold the shards of a smashed window in place with tape until it can be removed.

6. Preventing paint cracks. Tape a small cross where you are going to drill into a wall. Drill through the centre of the cross and paint cracks will be prevented.

7. Preventing wood splinters. Taping the sides along the line of sawing will avoid splintering.

8. Keep screws safe. If moving house or moving pictures tape the screw to the back of the picture frame so it doesn’t get lost.

9. Fix a radio antennae.

10. Prevent tripping hazards. Tape is a great way to stick down wires and carpet edges.


1. Tennis racket cushion. Taping the handle of a tennis racket will create a more comfortable hold with extra grip.

2. Fixing crayons. Tape fixes snapped crayons and also makes them easier for children to hold.

3. Sealing. A huge range of things can be sealed with tape, such as food packets and parcels.

4. Memos. Tape turns any piece of paper into a sticky note. A low tack protecting tape can be used to tape these onto walls, computer monitors, fridges, telephones, keyboards or cabinets.

5. Creating a temporary hem on trousers. Ideal before sewing if you have no pins.

6. Preventing locks from freezing. Car locks which are taped over will not freeze.

7. Fixing frayed laces.

8. Grips for slippy shoes. Double sided tape under the shoes will create extra grip.

9. Shopping list holder. Fix your shopping list to your trolley when shopping for hands-free shopping.

10. Code your keys. Use coloured tapes to make your main keys stand out.

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