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Most underrated Allied Powers of WW2?

People always talk about the Soviet, American and British contributions to WW2, but what about the other powers? Which do you think were most important to the war, beyond the big three?

Myself, I think:

1. China: Tied up huge amounts of Japanese resources in the pacific, and paid a heavy price in blood (second most casualties of WW2)

2. Canada: People often ignore this, but Canada was one of the biggest producers of vehicles and supplies, outstripped only by the big 6 (USSR, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy). Also, they took the responsibility of escorting convoys through the Atlantic when they became large enough.

3. Poland: One of the largest armies for the Western countries, and had invaluable intelligence through their resistance forces.

What are yours?

I guess China was the most important because it tied down most of the Japanese army. If it wasn't for China the war could have gone against the Allies in Burma and the Pacific. Also Japan might have even been free to join in operation Barbarossa (as Stalin originally feared they would). The Soviets only won the battle of Moscow by withdrawing the Siberian divisions from the border with Japan and launching them against the Germans. If Japan had attacked they would have been unable to do this and the USSR may well have been defeated.

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