Pond Butterfly

What wall art is appropriate for a single guy?

I live alone and have made the transition from college to adult life. The old wall posters don't cut it any more...but most of the wall art out there is very feminine. Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Cutesy cottages by a pond. Butterflies and dragonflies. Any suggestions on wall art or other wall decor for a guy's house?

Hey Ryan;
Art is so subjective it's hard to give you advice, but what I will suggest if your on a tight budget is going to secondhand stores/salvation army/garage sales, etc... This way if you find something you like it won't have cost a fortune.
Another option is wall rugs (some people even tack leather or material to their walls). There are usually more masculine types of designs in this media.
Whichever way you decide to go, good for you for having the taste to ask for help!

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