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I'm sending to out leaflets to houses about animal testing.?

What do you think of this paragraph so far? I'm trying to keep the leaflet short but understandable because a lot of people wouldn't be interested in reading a few pages. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

"Animals go through this kind of suffering and brutal torture every day. A lot of people think, if they don't see it, it isn't happening but this is the horrific truth behind the products we buy, such as cosmetics, cleaning products, female health products and eating products. It only takes a second to check the back of the label “this product and ingredients is not tested on animals” or to look for the rabbit logo. Some labels may say “this product is not tested on animals” although, this does not mean the ingredients are not tested."

it sounds good!
good on you! im glad to see that some people care!
keep it up, maybe you will bring it to enough peoples awareness to make a difference and change is what we need

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