River Series

what are all the books called in the virgin river series?

thanks for your help!!

Hi there!

I can help you with your question about Robyn Carr's Virgin River series of books. I checked my library's catalog, online at Goodreads.com and on Carr's website to find the following list of books in the series:

Book 1 - Virgin River
Book 2 - Shelter Mountain
Book 3 - Whispering Rock
Book 4 - A Virgin River Christmas
Book 5 - Second Chance Pass
Book 6 - Temptation Ridge
Book 7 - Paradise Valley
Book 8 - "Under the Christmas Tree" (novella)
Book 9 - Forbidden Falls
Book 10 - Angel's Peak
Book 11 - Moonlight Road
Book 12 - "Midnight Confessions" (novella)
Book 13 - Promise Canyon
Book 14 - Wild Man Creek
Book 15 - Harvest Moon
Book 16 - Bring Me Home for Christmas
Book 17 - Hidden Summit
Book 18 - Redwood Bend
Book 19 - Sunrise Point
Book 20 - My Kind of Christmas

I hope that helps! Your local librarian would also be a great resource for locating these books when you're ready to read them.

Happy reading!

-Jackie O., future librarian

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