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Are comfy sacks super comfy?

I was going to Buy one of the 8ft comfy sacks from
and i was going to use it as a bed.
On the site they say they use premium foam like the stuff in a couch,
so i was just wondering if they are really comfortable.
do they form to your body like a tempurpedic bed, or are they just like a regular bed, or do you sink down when you lay on it?
Also if you know any other place that sales huge bean bags that are better, please put the link.
And if you know a store that sales them so i don't have to buy it off line.
Thank you :D

As a previous buyer and now owner of a Comfy Sack, I can say that you will definitely not be let down by their quality! I've seen chairs and loungers that are twice as much, and not as well made...and I did some considerable research before I purchased, wanted to make sure I got just the right thing. Our sack is very well made, and has a warranty on the cover and the liner too. We sent of for a free fabric sample as well, to make sure it matched our room like we wanted it to. And white their foam conforms to your body, similar to a "tempurapedic" bed...I wouldn't say you "sink down" into it still provides some good support. (maybe you "Sink down" just enough ? Not sure how to say it!) We've had our sack for over a year now, and we love it just as much as the day we got it. Most importantly our son uses it all the time to watch movies, read, hang out or whatever. If you're looking for a happy customer, I am one for sure! :)

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