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Movies with twisted endings?

OK, I love movies that are different, has interesting plot.. I love Saw series, Butterfly effect, 99 francs, the Jacket. very interesting to watch and the ending leaves you to feel strange..and you wouldn't expect it to end like that. do you know any this type of movies? (except for the ones I've already mentioned)
of course, I forgot to add Fight Club.. I have seen that already :)

One to go for is `Chasing Sleep` with Jeff Daniels. Alot of people have not heard of this one, I watched on Sky a few years ago, and it had me hooked all the way through, the ending defiantly leaves you feeling strange here!

The films about a Professor who awakens one morning to find his wife has not returned from work, He spends countless days, nights in this sort of downward spiral of paranoia and sleeplessness. Then to make matters worse he begins to have hallucinations... the house comes alive with an array of horrifying sights and sounds. And the line between nightmare and reality is blurred beyond distinction.

I wont go on tho, don't want to give too much away. I agree with most of the other answers uve also received but i think its about finding films uve never heard of that are different. am i right? lol

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