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Are Roma (Gypsies) the last minority that it is acceptable to discriminate against in Europe??

In the town of Kladno near Prague (Czech Republic) Roma children were banned from using the local swimming pool.

The Romani will always be discriminated against because they refuse to conform to any political or cultural way of doing things. And as we all know, in society today if you march to the step of a different drummer, you will be outcast. Unfortunately the Romani name has been defamed by parties calling themselves gypsies who are nothing more than wandering thieves. As for the discrimination, it started with earnest during WWII. Hitler was afraid of the gypsies because he thought that they had supernatural powers. It's always bothered me that people thought it was such a horrible thing that he murdered 7 million Jewish people, but no one ever says anything about the 5 million Romani he slaughtered.

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