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My stepmother is a true witch.?

I no longer live with my family, but when I did my life was a literal he**. My stepmother (who has two "perfect" daughters of her own), was a tyrant. When my dad and her got married I went through the normal problems a young girl recently estranged from her mother and forced to accept soemone new as her mother would go through. As punishment for this my stepmother would lock me in my room and take away all entertainment. WHen I turned 12 she sent me away to a baording school adn I was moved around from school to school away from my family until I was 18. I only saw my dad 4 times through all of those years. Now that I have been liberated my stepmother will not allow me to contact my dad to tell him my new number or anything (she intercepts his e-mails and mail from me). I know she is only with him for his money and she even made him get better life insurance! How do you all suggest I get in contact with him? I am out of ideas, I have tried everything.

boy, this is horrible.. it sounds like you need a lawyer.. (I know, they cost money tho.) What in the world does this woman have against you?! goodness! I think she'd be scared he'd find out she's intercepting things (from you..) I mean he's got rights to see you too! She probably (as she's got the 'perfect daughters' floating around) calls you all sorts of names and (don't let me hurt your feelings) has maybe even convinced him some of them are true. It's unfair as hell. Can you call the guy? I'd keep in mind tho that you don't know what kinda crap she's been saying all these years. You said you've tried everything (she's blocking you.) I wonder if you could (you must know some of his friends..) talk to somebody (one of his contemporaries) about this situation. Calmly explain what you said above (heh, don't call her a 'witch' tho she is one..) to somebody else that can access your father more readily than you.. maybe they can arrange for you two to meet (like for lunch?) how about that? I'm hoping you are living somewhere closeby. If not, or if you are too young yet to have any money/resources, I guess you're forced to wait another year, two until you do have, sweetie!.. later /g'luck (don't give up) melancholia

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