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What's your top tip for brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home?

The perfect cup of coffee is this: "Find your all time favorite cup. Brew the coffee that you like best. Best smell, color and flavor. There you will have the world's best coffee."

Many coffee experts prefer the Cafetiere (French Press) for making the best coffee. I've tried more than a dozen different percolators (YUK!!), every drip-type maker I could find (Some were OK, some were good, most were just passable though better than a percolator.), I've had most gourmet coffees from the menu, and a few Barista's personal creations, and I've had many single-serve coffees both plain and flavored. In the end, I'd have to agree with the experts.

A French Press, Good quality coffee, and Good, clear water. Experiment until you find your strength and flavor.

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