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Landscape waterfall-vase winter care suggestions?

Do I store this thing inside for the winter? Do I have to dig out the basin and store that over the winter as well? I'm new to this thing: it's a landscape vase that forces water through to the top which flows back down the vase into a basin. It's water pump is powered by a standard grounded outside 120 outlet. Anyone have any experience with these things? Thanks!

the vase is emptied and taken inside.... run the pump then, to empty the basin as much as possible... no need to dig it up.... remove the cover of hardware cloth that holds the stones , store them, and then remove the pump.. drop a couple tennis balls into any water that remains in the basin or dip it out with a bowl till empty (if you can reach it).... ice in there might expand and crack it .......... cover the basin with a hard cover such as thick plywood so that no one falls into it.... set a heavy block on it, too... maybe flag the area if you get deep snow.... so you avoid it.....

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