Vip Exclusive

Earn 200 Microsoft Points from Xbox LIVE Rewards with Bing?

I got this email from Xbox Live.
As a loyal Gold Xbox LIVE Rewards member, you've been given access to VIP Exclusives - a limited-time offer from Xbox LIVE Rewards and Bing Rewards.

Enter the passcode now to learn about this exclusive opportunity to receive 200 Microsoft Points and how to earn more for searching and exploring with Bing.


Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad


I looked around about this email, and apparently you get 250 redeemable reward points with Bing if you just sign up. You also get 1 point for every six searches with Bing. Where do I put this 17 letter code that the email sent me? I have 268 Bing points so far, and 200 more will bring me to 468, and 500 gets me 400 free Microsoft points. Help?

If you read more further down the page it says you will be receiving a message about the 200 Microsoft Points on June 17th.

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